Welcome to Aston University's Ethics Committee website

Please note, that if you are using Internet Explorer to access the Ethics website, you will require Internet Explorer 9 or higher.  Alternatively you can use the LATEST version of Mozilla Firefox which can be downloaded here.  

Note also that you must be logged into this website to access the ethics submission forms and only Aston University staff or students are eligible for membership of the website.

The Aston University Ethics website enables researchers to submit online applications for ethical approval of research. Advantages in making online submissions are the following:
  • Applicants can save their forms and return to edit them later before making a final submission.
  • Applicants can upload supporting documents and submit these with their forms.
  • Ethics Committee members can view and filter applications by type, school or other criteria.
  • The site maintains an online storage facility for all applications, which can be retrieved for viewing or editing by authorised personnel.
See the University research ethics regulations and policies webpage for more information about the context for research ethics.